Hope Campaign – Donation from Mrs Herma Peterhof of Förderverein Hero’s Academy, Stuttgart, Germany

Responding with Hope Campaign is delighted to report that it received a kind donation of EUR (€) 6,000 from Mrs Herma Peterhof of Förderverein Hero’s Academy Stuttgart, Germany.

This donation went a long way in supporting women and their families in rural Kenya areas of Kajulu, Kiboswa and Gem in Kisumu and Siaya Counties respectively. From 20th – 23rd December, 2021, the women each received care packages that included: maize flour (2kg), baking flour, sugar (1kg), rice (1kg), tea bags (250g), cooking salt (500g), cooking oil (1 liter), green grams (1kg), beans (1kg), washing essentials and toiletries. A total of 350 women-led households benefited in this exercise. The donation drive was led by Ms. Naomi Anyango, Mr Festus Ogada, Mr. David Wesonga and Mr. Hamad Atambo.

The entire Responding with Hope Campaign team and the beneficiaries are grateful to Förderverein Hero’s Academy AIC Stuttgart e.V. and LandFrauenverband Württemberg-Baden e.V. for their kind gesture. We send our warm greetings from Kenya to them all in Germany.

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