CISS implements projects based on an integrated approach that ensures sustainability in enhancing the level of food availability and quality at the household level for the members of the target groups while taking the Sustainable Development goals into consideration.

CISS has bought and distributed dairy goats to the members of the target groups. Through Pass on and pass back of the kids, other members within the group receive goats. Goat milk is highly nutritious and earns income when sold. The other benefit of dairy goat farming is the use of droppings as manure to improve soil nutrition. CISS also supports farmers with establishment of bee farming to access the medicinal benefit of honey and also generate income from the sale of honey. We have a honey refinery where the honey is proceed packaged and branded.

CISS supports farmers with vegetable seeds for kitchen garden establishment. The kitchen gardens ensure that each household has daily supply of vitamins. The excess vegetables are sold to improve the household income. A key pillar of CISS intervention is training on improved farming techniques to develop the capacity of the farmers.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture”;

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